25 Reusable Products That'll Make You So Much More Eco Friendly And Earth Savior

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25 Reusable Products That'll Make You So Much More Eco Friendly And Earth Savior


1.Five Two Airtight Silicone Lids

This similar set of reusable silicone lids comes recommended by Haley Boyd, the founder of shoe company Marais USA, and another proponent of a zero-waste lifestyle. “These covers are great because they’re not so size-specific,” she told us when we spoke to her about the products she can’t live without. “If the lid is a little bit bigger than the bowl, it doesn’t matter.” She likes that they’re multi-use, noting that you can “just plop one on top of your bowl before sticking it in the fridge, cook on the stovetop with one instead of using a regular lid,” and that “they can even go in the oven.”                                                               

2. Rezip Stand-Up Leakproof Reuse Storage Bag



Strategist contributor Alison Freer also swears by reusable food bags, specifically Rezip’s stand-up, airtight, leakproof, zipper-top bags made from FDA–grade PEVA material, which are “the closest thing I’ve found to the classic disposable zipper-lock storage bag,” according to her. They come in a set of three, which makes them a little more budget-friendly than the Stasher bag, which is sold individually.

3. Organic wool dryer balls to help shorten your drying time (hello improved electricity bill) and reduce wrinkles and static cling, without having to use dryer sheets. Plus switching to dryer balls can improve the health and look of your clothing.


They'll last you years and are handmade by artisans in Nepal.

Promising review: "I hate using dryer sheets and all the chemicals that come with them, so I decided to try wool dryer balls. These are perfect, yes there is a slight noise as the dryer balls are being tossed around in the dryer, but it is nowhere near the volume of the plastic ones. I also love the fact that I can use my favorite essential oils to give my laundry a fresh scent and it's not overpowering or too strong. I love that Friendship is helping to provide jobs for women and others in Nepal. I highly recommend this brand!" 

4. A reuse Baggu shopping bag that'll become your best friend while grocery shopping or running errands. The sturdy handles and construction allow you to hoist items over your shoulder without having to worry about items breaking.


The bag can hold up to 50 pounds and is machine washable!

Promising review: "They are so well-made, easily washable, colorful, easy as a shoulder bag, and convenient to keep in my purse or in the car. I am always prepared to shop! It's a good-sized, sturdy bag to accommodate all my needs!! Great as a beach bag, also." —

5. A pack of incredibly gorgeous reuse silicone straws so you can ditch the traditional plastic ones and commit to helping to save the turtles! You'll get 10 straws, four carrying cases, and four cleaning squeegees.


They're bendable, easily portable, and did I mention how pretty they are???

6. A freshwater, non-electric bidet to end your continuous waste of traditional toilet paper. All necessary parts are included in your purchase, along with an instructional manual for install. It'll attach to any standard toilet!


Promising review: "I have to say, I was skeptical at first. After installing it myself (which really is pretty quick and easy), I was blown away the very first time I used it. If you’re one of those people that use way too much toilet paper and wipes because you can’t ever seem to get clean enough, this device will be a pleasant surprise. The rinse from the water does most of the cleaning for you. No rubbing your skin raw anymore trying to get clean. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. Just try it. You’ll love it. Yes, it’s cold water that washes you off, but you feel totally refreshed afterward, and extremely clean and pain-free."

7. Reuse K-cup filters that fit a majority of Keurig models and will help lessen the current K-cup pile-up in your garbage. Buying packs of disposable K-cups can get super expensive, so these filters will not only decrease waste but will help your wallet!


Promising review: "So far so good. What I like so far is the nozzle that goes down into the coffee grounds. With these pink colored reusable K-cups, the lid nozzle stretches down into the grounds, directing water without making a mess. It's a wise investment because they're long-lasting and cheaper in the long run." —

8. Reuse kitchen towels so you can stop stocking up on paper towels that easily accumulate in the trash. They're made of natural plant fiber, are multi-purpose, and soft to use on numerous surfaces.


Promising review: "I really love these cleaning cloths! I have used them for everything from mopping to disinfecting (basically anything I would’ve used a paper towel for) and they have held up great! There are so many of them that I don’t feel as though I am constantly washing them. But I also throw these in with my normal laundry load and it all works great! I have noticed that the white cloths aren’t my favorite ones to clean with a cause they are soft and sometimes leave fuzz behind, but they still do the job!" —

9. A bamboo and stainless steel razor, because your dinky plastic one ain't cutting it anymore. This will provide a closer, more precise shave and last you a lifetime. When the blades get dull, you won't need to throw the entire thing away!


Promising review: "This razor is beautiful and very easy to use. The weight is perfect and the high polished stainless just glides over the skin like an Olympic skier. I just switched from disposables and have been blown away by the performance. Zero razor burn and a closer shave than I've ever had with a disposable!" —

10. Biodegradable waste bags for dogs so you have peace of mind knowing your pooch's poo won't be floating in a plastic bag in the middle of the ocean. They're extra-thick, leak-proof, and vegetable-based.



Promising review: "I've used many poo bags over the years and this is the first review I've posted on that item – strong, easy to tear off. but best of all COMPOSTABLE! I have a small dog and two cats. I use one bag a day to clean out remains in the litter boxes and then I put it in my organics bin because the bag is compostable. Same thing for my pup. This is my second purchase of the bags and I'll buy again when I run out." —

11. Biodegradable wheat straw plates and forks that'll be a lot safer around kids than breakable glass dinnerware. They're lightweight, plus dishwasher- and microwave-safe. And they help to decrease your plastic and paper dependence.


Promising review: "These plates are very light and easy to clean. My three-year-old daughter loves to use them. Right now, these are my daughter's favorite plates and forks. As a mother, I want to give my baby the best and safest items because they put everything into their mouth. These plates and forks are great, very smooth, and not extremely sharp." —

12. Bamboo cutlery, because plastic cutlery is often not recyclable and accumulates quickly in landfills. In total, you'll get one fork, one knife, two spoons, a pair of chopsticks, three straws, and a cleaning tool.


The canvas pouch means you can take these utensils anywhere, like your office!

Promising review: "I love the lightweight feeling of this set! It is perfect for on-the-go use. The straw cleaner is a major plus; it helps keep my set clean and tidy. It arrived in plastic-free, which is amazing. It always catches peoples' eye and they ask me why I carry it and where can they get one!". 

13. A yoga mat made from recycled bottles so you can enjoy your hot yoga class, even more, knowing that you're using an eco-friendly product. The mat will grip as you sweat, has a natural tree fiber base, and can be wiped clean after use.


What's cool about this mat is that it's made to be the combo of a mat + a towel. It has a towel-like texture but is cushioned for support. It can also be tossed in the washing machine if you get extra sweaty.


Promising review: "I am SO happy with my purchase! I've been using my mat every day at yoga class. It has gorgeous coloring, it's super soft, and changes colors when you touch it. Solid, durable, and very well-made. It doesn't seem to slip and is supposed to do well with hot yoga, too."

14. Bamboo-handled toothbrushes with charcoal-treated bristles so you never have to worry about it filling up a landfill somewhere. They're durable, biodegradable, and an excellent replacement for those bulky plastic toothbrushes that hog your bathroom counter space.


They'll last up to a year and are numbered for family members.

Promising review: "I'm in love with these toothbrushes. I know it's a little silly to feel so strongly about a TOOTHBRUSH, but as they are 100% sustainable AND they clean my teeth better than any toothbrush I've ever used, I'm pretty excited about this find! And the bristles are so soft!" —

15. A biodegradable wheat straw bento box, because any easy way to become eco-friendly is switching over to reusable products. This box will become your go-to lunchtime storage option and will take the place of single-use containers or brown paper bags.


The different compartments make packing a multi-food lunch easy and the center unit is leak-proof for liquids. It's freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: "I love it! It is a sturdy, attractive, well-designed product that will be enjoyed for years. The five compartments vary in shape and size and will accommodate a variety of foods: fruit, sandwiches, cookies, chips, salsa, or dip – you name it! No more need for several zip lock bags just to keep food separate. It worked well in the microwave to heat up some delicious pasta. It can go in the freezer, the microwave, and the dishwasher. Best of all, this eco box lives up to its name by being eco-friendly so it will not be clogging up some landfill or floating in the ocean in the years ahead. Meanwhile, I’ll be buying more for my home and for gifts." —

16. And for on-the-go use, an insulated Hydro Flask stainless steel bottle that'll keep your beverage hot for 12 hours and cold for a full 24. It's BPA-free, incredibly durable, and spill-proof.

I took my Hydro Flask on a hiking trip and it was sheer perfection. It kept my water cold for hours on end, never leaked in my backpack, and took numerous falls without denting. And I never had to use a plastic water bottle the entire trip!

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE my Hydro Flask! I use it every day and carry it with me anywhere I go. It's been great at keeping my water cold. I left the ice in this thing overnight and woke up to ice-cold water with still plenty of ice left in it. I've also purposely left it in my car on a 90-degree day in California and I came back to find that the water was still cold. I was amazed!" —

17. A pack of reuse beeswax wraps to store leftover foods without spoilage. The warmth from your hands will soften the wrap around whatever you want, and the wrap will then cool to create a natural seal.


To clean, just run it under cold water and let air dry. One wrap lasts about a year when used numerous times a week.

Promising review: "Upon initial use I was very curious as to whether these would hold up upon multiple uses, turns out they are extremely easy to wash and reuse! We bought these to cut down on plastic and aluminum wrap waste that we have been using to preserve leftover foods in our refrigerator. I do not have a doubt in my mind that these will last multiple months and beyond. However, I would not suggest using them for raw foods, which could contain bacteria such as raw chicken or other meats; if not washed carefully bacteria may be transferred. Overall this was a pretty solid buy, and it makes us feel great about our mission to cut down on household waste!" —

18. A set of sandwich and snack bags with zipper closures and a fully lined inside (to help with spills). They're moisture-resistant, grease-proof, and dishwasher-safe!


Promising review: "I ordered these bags because I am trying to limit the amount of plastic zip-top bags I use when packing my lunch. These bags are lined with some kind of insulating material which is very easy to clean. The outside fabric is also very easy to clean. The zippers work well, too." —

19. Earrings made from recycled leather and clothing scraps that'll add a pop of color to your outfit and look incredibly cute while doing so. Each piece is handmade, customizable, and durable.


To inquire about customization, just message the seller directly!

20. Gift wrap printed on compostable newsprint with soy-based ink that is sure to brighten the process of gift-giving. It's reversible and includes matching gift tags.


Just think about how much gift wrap you waste throughout the year! It's fun to beautifully wrap a gift, but then that wrapping gets torn off and stuffed in a garbage bag.

Promising review: "This is printed on newspaper-weight paper, making it easy to use. Colors are vibrant and the double-sided print is very cute. It covers well (not transparent at all). One sheet will cover a large shirt box with paper to spare."

21. Microfiber Makeup removing cloths with refined edges so your skin will never get scratched or irritated after use. All you need is water to get the job done and when the clothes are dirtied, you can pop them in the washing machine.


They can be used on all skin types and are safe for your eye area.

Promising review: "These affordable washcloths are the softest things I have ever touched! They are so gentle and amazing on your face. I use one to dry my face and help remove leftover makeup after washing and another to remove eye makeup. I am saving SO much money by not having to buy disposable cotton pads and bottled makeup remover each month. These take off all my eye makeup with JUST water! They are very thick and like a large washcloth size. I love that they have no seams or edges and no tags for all-over comfort." 

22. A reuse silicone baking mat that'll save you a ton of money on parchment paper, tinfoil, and flour. It's great to use when working with dough since it's non-stick. With clear measurements, any novice baker will feel like a pro when they're finished prepping their pie.


Promising review: "I’ve never used a silicone mat for baking before. I actually thought the mat would be a harder plastic. To my surprise the mat was soft and flexible, but it also felt strong. The mat has all the information I need to bake just about anything. I also like the fact that the silicon mat protects my granite countertop. When I was done with the prep for my pie I couldn’t believe how simple it was to clean the mat. A quick wipe with a damp paper towel was all it took (I could’ve also easily rinsed it under the sink faucet). I am looking forward to using the mat for rolling and cutting sugar cookies for Easter. I love this addition to my kitchen baking goodies!" 

23. A battery charger, because purchasing new batteries when the TV remote dies is far too annoying. This charger will juice up rechargeable AAs or AAAs for continuous use.


The majority of people don't know how to throw away batteries correctly, and if they wind up in landfills, they undergo a certain chemical reaction as they decompose. This allows them to emit greenhouse gases and send chemicals into the soil that can be very harmful to plant life.

The charger also has the ability to power-off when batteries are fully charged. An indicator light will blink so you know when they're finished. This will also come in handy if your child has 50 toys that need batteries.

Promising review: "It is a very good AAA and AA charger. The newly charged batteries are working excellently. They charged for about four to five hours before the light turned green. I am now using those batteries for my remote control and keyboard. It's very useful."

24. A 12-pack of air-tight containers that'll store your precious leftovers with no spills. If you've spent so much time making the food, you want it to last! The set includes five different sizes and will replace throw-away containers and single-use plastic bags.


They're refrigerator-, freezer-, and microwave-safe.

Promising review: "Absolutely love these containers. Really well-made and excellent quality. They are thick and cannot easily be cracked when dropped. The lids fit really nicely and completely seal shut so that there are no leaks. Definitely the best containers I’ve ever owned."

25. Reuse Silicone tea infusers to end your obsession with throw-away tea bags that pile up in your kitchen cabinet. The bottoms open up so you can add just the right amount of loose leaf tea. And they're dishwasher-safe!


 Promising review: "This is one of my favorite strainers! I have all kinds. This holds my loose leaf teas well! It doesn't leak the herbs into the cup-like some. I gave them as gifts inside gift baskets, also. Everyone loved them."

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